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Louisville Coffee Shop & Roastery

Specializing in African Coffee
Ntaba Coffee Haus roasts and serves direct African trade coffee and tea in our coffee “haus’ in Louisville, Kentucky. We know and work with each farmer to ensure that our beans come directly from the best farms and cooperations in Africa. Founded with the hospitality of our German and South African heritage, our ‘haus’ feels like home. We have set out to create an authentic coffee ‘haus’, one where people come together to share stories, build relationships, discuss opportunities, and meet with friends, new and old.

You can find us at 2407 Brownsboro Rd Suite 102, Louisville, KY 40206

We personally roast our coffee to perfection in ‘haus’, and we brew them to order to provide the best cup of coffee from the first sip to the last. 

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We support local businesses by showcasing local artists and buying local ingredients like honey. 

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Buy a bag of coffee or tea, select a handmade African mug, or shop from Taste of Africa — bringing South African products to Louisville.

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We have set out to create a home for the community, and we would love to bring this community to you in the form of catering your next event.

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The Ntaba Coffee Haus ‘My Coffee Club’ delivers 2 bags of coffee to your door every month.

You are in control of your subscription. You decide which coffee you want and what size bags you want.

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our Collaborations

We love to support local businesses. Below you can see a few of the businesses that we promote, and work with, in our coffee haus’.

If you think your company, or side hustle, fits Ntaba Coffee Haus, let us know

BEG's Honey

BEG’s Honey is a small family owned bee farm located in South Louisville near Iroquois Park. I am Jeremy Pharris and I began beekeeping as a hobby with one hive in 2012. This hobby quickly became an adventure for my whole family. We began working together to process the honey as the hives grew in numbers from 1 to over 25! I tend to the hives and harvest the honeycombs. My wife, Brenda, aids in the uncapping, extracting, and bottling. Our three girls help with the labeling the honey bottles and served as the inspiration when the name of the business was created: Brynlee (6), Ella (8), Gracie (10). BEG’s Honey produces honey, lip balm, and of course more bees! From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our products!

Herb Bradshaw

I am a self-taught Artist. My art is mixed media. Attempting to share any commitment to a greener planet, recycling and reuse are a ongoing theme in works. Aluminum beverage cans, paper and wood are my choice media. The colors of beverage cans are brilliant. The embossing and distressing techniques are applied to the metal. Color, shapes, patterns and texture is the way I articulate my works. My art is such that when the light bounces off the piece and you eye it with movement, you will be amazed how it delights the visual sense. Cutting a can is quite a tedious process, so there are always slight variation in each design, making it one of a kind. Each piece is signed by me, it comes ready to hand. For custom work, I am willing to accommodate as much as possible. I hope that you love the work that I bring you.


In 2007, Tracy Murray moved to Zambia to work at a church. She met a pastor who was making $250 a month. She said that was considered middle-class because most families made about $2 a day. After seeing the daily struggle, she wanted to help. Tracy started a handbag ministry called RecycloCraftz teaching widows, orphans and the unemployed how to make crafts out of recycled materials like fabric scraps, pages of magazines, and videotape film. When she moved back to Kentucky in 2011, she continued to support the workers in Zambia. The idea may have started with handbags, but it has grown to include aprons, pillows, and jewelry. What you might throw away, people in Zambia use to create art that they sell in the U.S.

Address: Mellwood Arts Center, 1860 Mellwood Ave. Suite 137, Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: 502-833-6363
Email: recyclocraftz@gmail.com

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herb bradshaw

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