5 reasons to join our monthly coffee subscription

Claim your armchair barista status with an Ntaba Coffee Subscription

Ntaba Coffee Club is growing in leaps and bounds. But what is the fuss all about? Whether you prefer your coffee hot or as an icy treat, it seems that coffee consumption in the US is on the rise. According to a recent survey, the average American coffee drinker drinks just over 3 cups per day.  

Plainly put, we love our coffee!  

And coffee drinkers are becoming increasingly discerning about their coffee purchases.  

  • We want premium quality.  
  • We want organic coffee.  
  • We want it fresh roasted.  

We want to know that our purchase embraces a cause that is meaningful – causes like direct trade, women-owned coffee farms – causes that make a tangible difference in people’s lives. 

We want to know how the coffee has been processed, how dark or light it is, are there nuanced tasting notes?  

On our quest to Armchair Barista status, we want to know at what elevation the beans have been grown and how it is graded. 

Ok, maybe most people don’t need to know all that information, but they DO want a GREAT cup of coffee!

coffee bags

So, how does joining the Ntaba Coffee Club elevate your ‘Armchair Barista’ status?

For less than $1 a day you will get:

1. Organically grown coffee. As an owner of Ntaba African Safaris, CEO Robin Mountain is able to travel to regularly visit the coffee farms in Africa. From farm to coffee cup, every bean has a ‘certified organic’ story.

2. Ntaba Coffee goes BEYOND Fair Trade – it is Direct Trade coffee. We know and work with each farmer to ensure that our beans come directly from the best farms and cooperations in Africa. 

coffee beans being grinded

3. Small batch, ‘in Haus’ roasted coffee. For the true coffee sophisticate, small-batch producers, like Ntaba Coffee Haus, have the legroom to innovate on roasting techniques and to experiment with taste. Your coffee order is roasted right before shipping to ensure premium freshness.

4. Ntaba coffee is sourced from all the coffee-growing nations of Africa, the very continent to which coffee is endemic. Many don’t realize that coffee was first grown in Africa – it’s the very birthplace of this much-loved beverage.

Robin tasting coffee in africa

5. Many of the coffee farmers we work with are women. By supporting coffee farmers from these economically challenged African nations, we are helping parents send their children to school, families can now afford much-needed medical care, and our purchase impacts communities half a world away. 

And the cherry on top (or in this case the frothy leaf design on the top) is having control over what blends I want to try and how much I want to order with my Ntabe Coffee Club subscription.  

My order is delivered to my door. Every month. With no shipping charges!  And I’ve discovered what a wonderful gift a Ntaba Coffee Club subscription makes for my friends and family – talk about a gift that keeps giving year-round!  

What’s not to love about that?

Join Ntaba Coffee Club!

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