I am Kizito. Elizabeth Kizito.
Kizito Cookies is the product of my imagination.
And 30 years of hard work!
The story of this business is woven into the fabric of my life story. Sometimes I can’t separate the two…

Most of the ingredients in my cookies are NOT listed on the  package. My family’s love and perseverance; the
beauty and magic of Africa; the American Dream; are all mixed in next to the chocolate chips and butter and nuts.

I was born under a banana tree. That story is not the creation of a marketing department. That is the truth.
In the garden behind our house, in the village of Nansana, Uganda East Africa, my Mama showed the courage and strength that she would teach me the rest of her life.

Superman was my father. Exaggeration? How would You describe a man with little education and no money
In one of the poorest countries on earth, who built four successful businesses and provided for 36 children?!
His blood runs through my veins. For better or worse, I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

I was pretty green when I came to America in 1975. A lot was strange and unfamiliar. One thing was very appealing, though. Everybody seemed to believe that they could make a better life by working hard. There was optimism that the future would be better than the past. It made me want to start something exciting.

My family collected folk art from Uganda and shipped it to Me. I set up booths at all the local fairs and turned a small profit.
It was so thrilling to be able to help my African family and Stay in touch with them by unpacking and polishing and loving All the things they sent. When I open the boxes the smell of wood smoke takes me right back home!